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Pregnancy and Postnatal Support Services are charged at an hourly rate of £15 a hour (minimum of 20 hours for postnatal support), postnatal support usually lasts for between 6 – 8 weeks post birth. Pregnancy support can be booked on an ad hoc basis.

The hypnobirthing course is £250 for individual classes in your home; it is a flexible and personal antenatal training programme. I offer bespoke Hypnobirthing sessions, tailor-made to you, your partner and your particular birthing wants and needs. There are several ways that women or couples can learn the techniques; women and their birth partners are welcome to attend together, however; I also offer women only courses with a bonus session at the end where birth partners are invited to ask any questions and clarify any of the information.

Group classes are £200, see news pages or social media for the next course dates

I am based in West Sheffield but cover the whole of Sheffield, the Hope Valley and the wider Peak District, Derbyshire and wider Yorkshire.  The course can be split over 4/5 sessions or over a weekend; they can either take place in my venue or yours for individual 1:1 sessions.

Prices vary depending on what you want, contact me to arrange an initial free consultation, with a coffee!

Options include:

  • Individual classes (couples)
  • Individual classes (Mum only and bonus partner session)
  • Online Classes
  • Group classes (up to 5 couples)

At your Hypnobirthing class I will give you all the materials you need to continue your practice at home with your birth partner. Included in the cost of the course is KG Hypnobirthing book, filled with tips and techniques for a calm and relaxed birth, an information pack and CD or MP3s for you to listen to, to help you relax and prepare. I am also available for support by email or phone.

Please complete the form below if you would like to book a course, I will then call you back for a chat and to arrange the start of your birthing path

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I agree to pay 50% deposit at least two weeks before the course start date with the remainder paid at session 1